Laser Terrain Co.

Next generation wargame terrain.

We have always been passionate about tabletop games, and so we set out to improve wargames terrain, using better materials and a ready-to-play finish out of the box. We are passionate about creating a terrain system that feels realistic, immersive, innovative and exciting. After hundreds of hours of designing, prototyping and testing, the Laser Terrain system is born.

Ready-to-play finish

Out of the box and into battle.

Our system doesn't require painting as it is made from etched custom coated plastics.

Minimal construction time

Simply slot together and glue. You will be ready to play in minutes.

Choice of Black or White

Currently there are two base colour options, black or white. The black set comes with silver interior and exterior walls, whilst the white set comes with silver interior and white exterior walls. Both have the unique floor design and can easily be interchanged for personal preference.

28-32 mm scale

Open to all

We have created a system that is suitable for any sci-fi or futuristic tabletop game.


No more ill-fitting terrain.

Laser terrain features a simple interlocking system, allowing seamless connection.

Expanding piece range

Grow your collection over time.

We are developing new pieces to add to the range of options currently available, each using the core design principles.

Laser Cut precision

Laser Terrain is manufactured using laser cutting technology, this ensures clean and precise designs every time.

Light weight

Made from a light-weight custom acrylic. The largest core piece weighs just 220 grams. However, thanks to the precise design each piece is strong and sturdy.


Limitless design configurations

Build the layout your scenario demands. Each piece will attach to every other piece within the system, allowing you to configure a different setup every time.

Designed & Manufactured in the UK

Proudly hailing from Bristol

Laser Terrain Co was founded by Evan Phillips to explore his ideas for improving tabletop wargames terrain. We have always been meticulous about every aspect of Laser Terrain. That's why we design, manufacture & distribute from our workshop in Bristol.